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Home Improvement Tips.
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These are some basic repairs you should consider before placing your house for sale.

You have to put on your game face, be critical. It's your home so you may have been content with unfinished projects or eye sores. It's time to accept that your home may not be perfect. With that in mind, start outside from the street or driveway and approach your home. Everything that pops in your head as unfinished, dirty or in need of improvement should be written on a tablet.

The next part is to sit down and prioritize. What items will make the home more attractive or "sellable"? You may want to consult your real estate agent for advice. Some items may not be cost affective. Sometimes you can lower the sales price by less than the cost of the repair or improvement to make the home more attractive to the potential buyer. If that's the case then why waste time and money doing the work? You may not want to lower the asking price, let them ask for a lower price to do the improvements themselves. This way they feel like the winner. Everyone wins.

Landscape - Trim back shrubs that block windows or walkways. Cut the lawn, pick up trash and remove dead plants. You could spend thousands of dollars on a new landscape design and it may not improve the sale of your home. Cleaning up what you have is probably your best option on homes that will sell for less than $500,000. Do-it-yourself gardeners can add a few inexpensive, colorful plants to the entrance but don't waste much time or money.

Doorway - The entrance is very important. Don't neglect this area of your home. A door that has been damaged by pets or weathered can be replaced inexpensively. You can get a pre-hung metal entrance door for as little as $200. Does the entrance light work? Is it hanging off the wall? Fix it or replace it, $20. Most new lights come with instructions. Be sure to flip the electrical breaker to the off position before doing any electrical work.

Stairs - If you have stairs approaching the entrance they need to be sturdy and clean. You may feel like they are safe but do most of your guests approach with caution? Check for loose handrails and fix them. You can rent a pressure washer for the weekend and clean those steps. Remove the mildew and grime and make them look new again. It's not very difficult. Have the rental shop tell you what pressure tip to use on your stair type. You may want to consider using a deck sealer after you clean the steps. Sealer or stain can reduce the mildew build-up and it makes wood last longer and maintains color.

Windows - Vinyl windows can be a cost effective way to increase the looks, value and reduce heating and air condition bills. Get a quote from a company that does replacement vinyl window installation.

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