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Interior Home Improvement Tips.
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These are some basic tips you can use to get the inside of your home prepared to sell.

Cleaning - The Kitchen is first. Be sure the counters aren't cluttered and get them spotless. Clean the stove and oven, make it shine. The exterior of the refrigerator should be spotless. If it looks like a shrine clean it up. If the refrigerator stays with the home then the inside needs to be spotless too.
Floors - No pet hair and muddy shoe prints. If you can make it shine, do it. If not, then you may want to invest in a few, inexpensive, rugs. If you have really bad carpet you should talk it over with the realtor. This is a gray area and the cost of replacement may not be warranted. This could be a price negotiating point.

If you have been in the home for a while then you have probably got quite comfortable. Comfortable to you may seem messy to others. This could distract the potential buyers from seeing the home the way it could be for them. The key is no clutter. This allows them to picture the living areas with their furniture and it makes the rooms feel larger. This is a good time to get a head start on moving. Anything you don't need to function as a household you could start packing in boxes. If you store the boxes in a basement or garage that has moisture then you may want to put the boxes in extra large garbage bags.

Bathrooms - Get out the tub and tile cleaner. If the shower curtains have any mold then get rid of them and buy some new ones. If the toilets are noisy when you flush or run all the time then get a repair kit and fix that toilet. Directions are usually included in the kit and you can find plenty of do-it-yourself websites. It saves water and reduces the water bill as well. If the sinks leak you can change the washers. If the faucets are pitted or ugly you can replace them inexpensively.

Light switch and electrical socket covers - If they are cracked or marked up then you should replace them. You can get a box of 10 for as low as $5. Be careful, you should turn off the circuit breakers before you change the covers.

Stairs - Remove all clutter. They should look and BE safe. Check handrails and fix accordingly.

Lights and ceiling fans - Clean, clean, clean. I bet you haven't looked at these in a long time. They may be covered in dust and spider webs. You don't look up very often but your potential buyer will want to see what type of light fixtures and fans you have. They will look. Replace any burned out bulbs. The more light you have in the home the better when showing the house. I recommend turning on all the lights before showing your home, even during the day. Nobody likes a dark dreary home.

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